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Our Table of Limits outlines the maximum limits (if any) associated with sending and receiving Interac e-Transfers®, Me-to-Me transfers (which are transfers you set up between your DUCA account and your account at another Financial Institution), and limits associated with depositing cheques to your account by Remote Capture through your phone app.

Click here to view our Table of Limits.

Note: Transaction limits are subject to change without notice.

Interac e-Transfers®: Funds are available immediately. No hold placed on funds.

Incoming Me-to-Me Transfers: Funds placed on hold up to 6 business days prior to availability.

Remote Cheque Deposits: Funds placed on hold up to 7 calendar days prior to availability.

AutoDeposit is a feature within the Interac e-Transfer®   service that enables users to save time when accepting an Interac e-Transfer®.

It is enabled by registering your email address with Interac and allows you to receive funds directly into an assigned account without the need to select your financial institution or answer a security question.

When sending an Interac e-Transfer  , the sender is made aware in online banking that you are registered for AutoDeposit.


A Payment Request is another Interac e-Transfer® feature that enables you to send an email request for someone to pay you through a secure online email.

When the recipient of a Payment Request receives the request, the recipient is provided with easy instructions to pay and, providing the recipient agrees to make the payment, funds are deposited directly into your account.


Effective June 1, 2018, Interac e-Transfers® are classified as day-to-day transactions and a day-to-day transaction fee will be applied when you send or request an Interac e-Transfer® depending on your banking package or the savings account that you send the Interac e-Transfer® from. Please refer to our Personal Service Fees for further information.


If the transaction has not yet been received by the recipient, you can choose to cancel the transaction from the Pending e-Transfers screen. If the transaction has already been completed and funds deposited to the receiver, contact Member Connect Toll Free: 1 866 900 3822.


Interac e-Transfers® expire 30 days after they’re sent or requested. After 30 days, the recipient will not be able to receive and deposit the funds. Senders and requestors can send reminder notices to recipients from the Pending e-Transfers screen in online banking. If a recipient fails to receive and deposit funds within 30 days, the sender will be notified by email to deposit the funds back into their account, with the exception of any non-refundable Service fee(s).

Yes. Debit cards are valid for 5 years. We will advise you when your current card expires and will send you a replacement. 


ATM cash withdrawal limit: $1,000 per calendar day.

Point of Sale limit: $1,500 per calendar day.

The Point of Sale tap limit: $250 per transaction. The cumulative daily tap limit is $400. Once that limit is reached, you will be prompted to insert your card and enter a PIN. 


They both allow you to access DUCA’s online banking but only the physical debit card provides ATM and Point of Sale access.


Call your branch or Member Connect Toll Free: 1 866 900 3822.


With your DUCA debit card, you can access thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across Canada. There is usually one close by to wherever you are.   

We provide this access through both THE EXCHANGE® Network and ACCULINK® shared service using CUCC’s the Credit Union Locator.

Want to keep the search function handy on your phone? THE EXCHANGE® has an app for that! Download their free ATM finder here for your mobile device.  

In addition to DUCA's branch ATMs, you may access accounts and services free of charge at thousands of ATMs across Canada through both THE EXCHANGE® network and the ACCULINK® shared service. 

Find a free ATM on THE EXCHANGE® Network.

Find a free ATM through the ACCULINK® shared service using CUCC’s Credit Union Locator.

United States: While THE EXCHANGE® Network operates only in Canada, its partnerships with the Allpoint Network and the Accel® Network in the U.S. means you have access to tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs while travelling in the United States. You may withdraw cash at any Allpoint ATM and at some Accel Network ATMs plus you may complete point-of-sale transactions at merchant locations that are on the Accel Network. Find a free ATM in the U.S. here. 

International: Use your DUCA Debit card at a Cirrus ATM. Click here to find one.

DUCA is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

Eligible deposits in registered accounts have unlimited coverage through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Eligible deposits (not in registered accounts) are insured up to $250,000 through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority. 

Review FSRA's brochure on deposit insurance here.


Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance and paid monthly. Interest rate is annualized and subject to change without notice.


Currently, only residents of Ontario can apply to be a DUCA Member.


You can become a Member online in-branch or by calling Member Connect at 1 866 900 3822.


DUCA offers great benefits including: No or low fees, high interest deposit rates, attractive mortgage rates, wealth advice, and a profit sharing program where Members are rewarded for the amount of business they have at DUCA.

In addition, deposits are guaranteed*, there are thousands of free ATMs across Canada and the United States plus access to ATMs internationally, you have the ability to bank anywhere, and DUCA experts provide great financial expertise to Members so that they can Do More, Be More and Achieve More.

*Eligible deposits in registered accounts have unlimited coverage through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Eligible deposits (not in registered accounts) are insured up to $250,000 through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority. Visit FSRA.


No. Money withdrawn and re-deposited does not count as a new deposit. Only new deposits that raise your overall deposit balance with DUCA above what it was on the promotional start date will be eligible to receive the promotional interest rates.


Please visit your local branch or call Member Connect Toll Free: 1 866 900 3822.


We offer several options for bill payments:

  1. From your online bank
  2. From the DUCA mobile app
  3. By phoning Member Connect Toll Free: 1 866 900 3822.
  4. At a branch

You will need to update your payee if you haven’t made a payment within 13 months.

This is currently made only online or in branch with the stub.


You will need the information found at the bottom of your cheques. This information is required to set up direct deposit or pre-authorized debit instructions on your account.

Three sets of numbers are taken from the bottom of your cheque when instructions are set up:  The transit number, institution number and account number. See below:

If you don’t have cheques, visit your branch or call our Member Connect Toll Free: 1 866 900 3822.


Please complete and send in our “Me-to-Me” form.


The best savings account for you depends on how you plan to save and how often you need to access your money. Our most popular savings account is our Earn More Savings Account. Learn more.


Visit a branch or Member Connect Toll Free: 1 866 900 3822.

  1. Call Member Connect Toll Free: 1 866 900 3822
  2. Visit a branch
  3. Through online banking by going to “Account Services”

Note: Fees vary. Please contact your branch or call Member Connect if you have questions about cheque fees.


Your TFSA contribution room is the maximum amount that you can contribute to your TFSA in a year. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency to view the yearly limits. In addition, since the total amount you may contribute depends on your prior contributions as well as possible withdrawals, we suggest you confirm your allowable contribution directly through the CRA.


As of June 1, 2021, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada* (FINTRAC) requires Credit Unions to identify and document any individual depositing funds into an account. This pertains to any Depositor who is not on file as the primary account owner such as someone who is Joint on the account or is another signing authority or is a Third-Party Depositor. The Depositor in these situations is required to present government issued identification. This information will appear on statements documenting the transaction.

Business Members who send in an employee for company deposits should ensure the employee is made aware of this regulation and is prepared to present government issued identification.

*About FINTRAC: FINTRAC is Canada's financial intelligence unit. Its mandate is to facilitate the detection, prevention, and deterrence of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities, while ensuring the protection of personal information under its control.

Click here to learn more. 


Q: What is 2-Step Verification?

A: 2-Step Verification is the new heightened industry standard for account protection. It means that when you log in to your online banking profile, prior to gaining access to your account, you will receive a verification code sent by text, voice call and/or email.  You then have 10 minutes to enter that code to access your online profile.

Q: Is 2-Step Verification required?

A: Yes. All Members who use online banking must enroll in 2-Step Verification as it provides a higher level of security.

Q: Will security challenge questions still be required?

A: No. After enrolment in 2-Step Verification, challenge questions and answers will be eliminated since 2-Step Verification, which is based on codes valid for only a few minutes, are more secure.

Q: Can I register for 2-Step Verification via both SMS Text, Voice Call and Email?

A: Yes, however, not at the initial enrolment. During their initial enrolment, a Member can register only one of a mobile phone number, email address or voice call number to receive 2-Step Verification codes.  After enrolment, you can add a second notification channel the next time you are logged in.
Q: What happens if I fail to provide the correct verification code?  

A: The account will lock and you must call Member Connect.

Q: What happens if I lose the phone used for 2-Step Verification and therefore cannot receive a code?

A: You will need to call Member Connect for assistance.

Q: What if the verification code does not come through?

A: Wait a reasonable amount of time for the notification to arrive. If it does not, use the “send new code” option.

Q: How long is the verification code valid?

A: Ten minutes.

Q: What types of online banking transactions will require additional 2-Step Verification?

A: The following types of transactions will now prompt you to enter a security code before the transaction can be successfully completed:

  • Resetting your password
  • Editing 2-Step Verification settings
  • Adding a new or changing an existing Interac e-Transfer contact
  • Adding bill payment payees

Q: Is there an option to designate a device as a ‘trusted’ device, exempting logins from that device from additional authentications?

A: Yes. After entering a verification code, you have the option to select "Don't ask me again next time I log in from this device."

Q: Will enrolment in 2-Step Verification affect any of my current digital banking configurations or settings?

A: Yes. After setting up 2-step Verification, you must re-set up Biometrics (Touch/Face ID), QuickView, and Memorized Accounts, if you wish to use those features. All other aspects of online banking will remain unchanged.


Q: How do I change my Password (PAC) for online and mobile banking?
A: Log in to your online profile and click on Profile and Preferences under the Account Services section to change your Password.  First, enter your current Password and then your new Password. Verify it by entering it again. Your new Password must have a minimum of 9 characters, both upper and lowercase letters, a number, and at least one special character (@, #, % or ! ONLY).

Note: If you use a special character other than the ones listed above, your 2-Step Verification will not work. 

If I am not enrolled for 2-Step Verification (see question above), what will happen if I select the “Forgot Password” link?

A: You will receive an error message on the Please Verify Yourself screen.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can submit an incorrect verification code from the Enter Your Verification Code screen?

A: If an incorrect verification code is entered three times in a row during a Password reset, you will be locked out and must then contact DUCA.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can submit an incorrect password?

A: If an incorrect password is entered three times in a row, you will be locked out from the account.

If that happens, you can use the “Forgot Password” feature to create a new password. However, if you wish to use the same password, then you will have to contact DUCA to have the account unlocked.

Q: Is Self-Serve Password Reset available on the mobile banking app?

A: Yes.

Q: Is this feature available for Businesses on the Business platform?

A: No, this feature is not available for Business accounts on the Business platform at this time.


Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour access to your accounts with online banking. Visit a branch or call Member Connect, Toll Free at 1 866 900 3822 and you will be set up for online banking. Read our tips for Online Banking here.


To access your accounts from a mobile device, first you must be registered for DUCA online banking. If you’re not registered yet, please visit the nearest DUCA branch or call Member Connect at 1 866 900 3822 and you will be set up for online banking.

Then, while on your SmartPhone, download the app from either the App Store or Google Play! It's that easy.

Use the same login credentials that you use for online banking.

If you need support, please contact Member Connect at 1 866 900 3822 or email


Your eStatement can be found by logging into online banking and following these simple steps:

  1. In the left-side menu, click on My Accounts
  2. Within the My Accounts menu items, select View eStatements
  3. The eStatement screen will appear and you can click on the year from which you would like to view a statement.
  4. After you click on the specific year, e.g. 2020, each month for which a statement is available will appear for you to select from.
  5. Click on the month you want to open a PDF of that month’s statement.

To do so, delete your cookies and clear your cache. Click here for instructions:  Clear Cache and Cookies


The remote deposit capture feature on the DUCA Mobile Banking App allows you deposit a cheque without having to stop in at a branch or visit an ATM. Just select “deposit” from the service menu.

You will be prompted to take a picture of your cheque and the app will walk you through the steps to deposit your cheque into your desired account.

The maximum limit for RDC is $10,000.00 CAD to be deposited.

DUCA has partnered with Collabria to provide Members with credit card products to serve a variety of Personal or Business needs. Collabria provides you with 24/7 Cardholder Service, access to account information online through MyCardInfo or CardWise and round-the-clock fraud monitoring and protection services for your credit card. Collabria also receives and processes your card payments and manages collections on delinquent accounts. From time to time, you may receive communications from Collabria regarding your credit card account.


MyCardInfo is Collabria’s online account management tool where you can access your credit card account information 24/7. With MyCardInfo, you can check current balances, review recent activities, verify the last payment made, make payments, view eStatements and more.

NOTE: While MyCardInfo will continue to exist in the foreseeable future, CardWise will eventually take its place.

CardWise is a simple and improved way to digitally manage your DUCA Collabria credit card. Cardholders can view balances, make payments, report fraud, notify Collabria about planned travel, request a replacement card and more - all in one place.

There are two ways to access:

Watch this video to learn more about the features and benefits of CardWise.

NOTE: If you are currently using MyCardInfo, make the switch to CardWise today!
1. Visit or download the CardWise Mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play store.
2. CardWise Registration Instructions
As both platforms remain available, you will continue to have access to both, however it is recommended that CardWise be used as your primary platform to fully experience its features.
Any Auto-Pay set ups on a cardholder’s MyCardInfo account will be transferred to CardWise once they have completed registration.
CardWise will begin showing account statements beginning the first statement cycle following registration. Cardholders may download previous statements from MyCardInfo.

We have a suite of credit cards available depending on your needs. Visit our Personal Credit Card or Business Credit Card products in helping you achieve your needs.


Contact Collabria directly.


Your DUCA credit card will work in most countries. Due to fraud trends, we may restrict transactions in certain countries. We recommend you obtain a PIN for the credit card so that a cash advance can be readily available in case of an emergency. As a fraud protection measure, we strongly recommend you call Collabria Cardholder Service: 1.855.341.4643 prior to your departure to advise them of your travel plans. 


Rewards can be redeemed online through MyCardInfo or CardWise.

You can view a list of fees by visiting our Personal and Business account pages or credit cards page.


View our Personal credit cards or Business credit cards (including rates, fees and perks) online.


We have various types of calculators to help you guide your financial decisions.


If you are not currently a DUCA Member, join us now to complete an application or visit a branch or call Member Connect Toll Free at 1 866 900 3822. If you are already a DUCA Member, you may visit a branch or contact one of our Small Business Advisors.


We have many types of Business Services to support our Business Members.


Every situation is unique. To find out whether you are eligible for a mortgage, book an appointment at your local branch or reach out to a Mortgage Specialist.


The best way to know how much home you can afford is by getting pre-approved. Once you’re pre-approved, your rate will be locked down for 120 days, so you can start shopping for a home with confidence.

If you are not ready to get pre-approved, then you can always try our Mortgage Affordability Calculator for an estimate of how much home you can afford.

Book an appointment at your local branch or reach out to a Mortgage Specialist.

View List of Required Documents to Open a Business Account


Our online application process it’s pretty quick, join now.


What constitutes an NSF fee?

  • An NSF fee may arise when your account lacks the necessary funds to complete a transaction. This often happens if you forget to deposit funds for a recurring monthly bill or if a recipient doesn't promptly cash a check you've written. If the recipient later cashes the check when your account balance is insufficient, DUCA may decline the transaction and impose an NSF fee. It's important to note that each attempted transaction with insufficient funds may incur an NSF fee.
How can I determine if an NSF fee has been applied?
  • NSF fees are typically applied promptly when there's an insufficient balance for a transaction. However, it might take 1 to 2 business days before you spot the charge reflected in your online banking statement.
How can I avoid NSF fee?
  • Track your activity on your account: Regularly monitoring your account transactions and scheduled payments is essential for staying informed about your financial activities. Ensuring that your account maintains sufficient funds to cover your financial commitments is crucial for preventing a negative balance.
  • Avail Overdraft Protection: Opting for overdraft protection is a choice available for application. It provides coverage for your transactions, allowing them to go through up to a predefined limit, even if your bank account lacks sufficient funds. This serves as a preventive measure against incurring NSF fees. Please refer to our fee schedule for fees specifics on overdraft protection