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​How DUCA began

Founded in 1954, our founders saw the need for a financial co-operative that would work for its Members. Our founding belief of "profits with a purpose" continues to guide us to this day. It has taken us from a single branch credit union in Toronto to 17 branches across Southern Ontario and over 93,000 Members we are proud to serve.


What’s DUCA today?


We do more than financial services.

Our DUgood community philosophy contributes in meaningful ways to local, national, and international initiatives that our Members, Board, and staff care deeply about. This led to DUCA's designation as a B-Corp certified organization, the first ever credit union to receive this global recognition.

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Be more by being an owner.

We’re a vibrant, exciting credit union that lives its "profits with a purpose" philosophy in every financial transaction, product, interest rate, and community initiative we offer.

We share DUCA’s profits with Members through our Do More Profit Sharing program.

We offer competitive rates that rank among the best in the business.

DUCA Members enjoy the highest level of service with the lowest possible fees.


Who does DUCA serve?

At DUCA, we serve our Members. We do it by offering products that give our Members things like maximum interest on savings and minimal services fees, minimal interest and maximum convenience on loans, asset protection on homes and business, short or long term mortgage options, and tax shelter for income. We also serve our Members with service and advice that matters. That's why we offer thoughtful answers from qualified advisors, aggressive or measured investment strategies, knowledge on how to access government contributions to children's education, and the best ways to save for retirement.

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Achieve more with a career at DUCA.

We create a welcoming work environment as well as opportunities for growth and connection to your local communities.

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We value the voice of our Members.

At DUCA, it’s about more than just financial services. Our Members are actively involved in company decisions and help guide the future of DUCA.

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What’s happening at DUCA.

It’s important to us that we keep our Members informed. Find out the latest news and announcements.

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Become a DUCA Member

Join DUCA, become a Member and enjoy everything ownership offers. Profit sharing, lower rates on mortgages, higher rates on savings and no-fee.

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