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Doing more for your friends, your family and your communities

Doing more is at the heart of our belief that our Credit Union is about much more than profits. We believe in helping our Members achieve more in their lives, building communities, and providing simple, efficient financial services. Living this philosophy means we contribute to our community in a number of ways whether through philanthropy and sponsorship of local organizations, through working to solve long standing inequalities with our social innovation work, or as part of our advocacy for building better financial health and fair banking for all. This is all part of the DUCA Difference.


Our investments in communities

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Fight poverty

Helping people get access to basic financial services.

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Grow good ideas

Addressing social challenges through supporting innovative solutions.

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Fair financial inclusion

Protecting people from high cost, predatory lending.

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DUCA Impact Lab

DUCA Impact Lab is our registered charity that is a hub for exploring solutions to the inequities in today’s financial system. We bring together innovators, experts and stakeholders from the community to identify, test and champion these solutions to bring fair financial services to all.

Learn more about the DUCA Impact Lab

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Be the best for the world

We’re B Corp certified

We are proud to be Canada’s first B-Corp Certified credit union or retail financial institution. This certification is for businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We are honoured to be in this group of global leadership companies that are determined to work toward more than just profits.

Learn more about B Corp Certification


​Grants & sponsorships

​We know that we achieve more together. That’s why supporting like-minded individuals and organizations is critical to our philosophy. We invite non-profits, charities, social enterprises, foundations and associations to get in touch and see if we can support you in making a difference.

Your organization must be a non-profit, charity, social enterprise, foundation or association based in Canada with a mandate to address a social inequity or environmental concern.

Your organization/initiative offers innovative solutions directly related to DUCA’s key focus areas: transitions out of poverty, helping good ideas grow and fair financial inclusion.

Your organization is accountable to your stakeholders and reports publicly on activities, partnerships and impacts in Canadian communities at least annually (e.g. participation, results, etc.).

Your organization prioritizes improving effectiveness and is actively seeking ways of increasing its social impact.

For large donations ($25,000 and up): Your organization can clearly articulate why your program works, what results you expect to emerge and how they will be measured.

The following types of initiatives will not be considered for donation or community sponsorships:

  • Support of individuals
  • Telephone solicitations
  • Private clubs funded through membership fees
  • Travel expenses, including field trips or tours
  • Professional sports teams
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Industry associations
  • Pageants
  • Political organizations
  • Organizations with conflicting mandates and agendas to DUCA
  • Organizations without a CRA Charitable Number
  • Contributions to cover a general operating deficit
  1. Ryerson Social Innovation Summit
  2. Christian Children’s Fund of Canada
  3. Philanthropitch – Ontario’s first philanthropic competition