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​The cards, and rewards, that fit your life

With great rewards, low rates, an​d some with no fees, our DUCA Collabria credit cards give you choice and convenience for your lifestyle.


Visa Cash Back Card 

Saving made simple with a no annual fee card that pays you for using it. Every dollar spent on everyday purchases earns cash back as credit on your account.

Visa Classic Card 

If you like to keep it simple, this is the card for you. A low interest rate and purchase protection leaves you with only one decision to make—what to buy.


Visa Infinite Card

Your key to earning exclusive benefits designed to bring you premium experiences and valuable rewards like gift cards, merchandise, cash back and travel.


Visa Centra Gold Card

Why pay more to carry a rewards credit card? The Centra Visa Gold Card helps you collect valuable reward points on the purchases you make on a regular basis. But you won't break the budget with high fees or high interest rates.


Cash Back Visa Infinite Card

The Visa Infinite Card is your key to earning the exclusive benefits you deserve. You'll be rewarded with unique benefits and exceptional service wherever you go.


USD Visa Card

Your new US Dollar Visa Card is your key to earning the privileges you deserve whenever you go to the United States or shop online with a US company. Because there are no foreign transaction fees for US purchases, this is the perfect card when you travel or shop in the US.

We’re improving your DUCA Collabria Credit Card online experience

CardWise is a simple and improved way to digitally manage your DUCA Collabria Credit Card. Cardholders can view balances, make payments, report fraud, notify Collabria about planned travel, request a replacement card and more – all in one place.

If you are currently using MyCardInfo, make the switch to CardWise today!

Visit or download the CardWise app from the Apple Store or Google Play store to register & manage your DUCA Credit Card!

Learn more from Collabria on the benefits, uses and setup of CardWise.

Credit cards that meet our Members’ needs

Our family of credit card cards are selected specifically to work for our Members, helping them achieve more
with their finances.

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