​DUCA Financial Services Credit Union is an Ontario financial institution owned by its 87,000+ Members (anyone with an account.) To help our Members do more, be more and achieve more™ with their money and their lives, we offer high deposit rates, competitive mortgage rates, no-fee everyday banking, and a profit sharing program that rewards Members for banking with us.

No locked-in terms

Maintain maximum flexibility with your funds. Deposit and withdraw whenever you need.

Monthly Interest
Daily interest paid monthly

We pay your earned interest at the end of each month, using this higher interest rate.

No minimum balance
No minimum balance

Stress-free account maintenance. You never have to worry about carrying a certain balance just to benefit from this rate.

​No minimum deposit
​No minimum deposit

It’s your account. Open it and start saving with whatever amount works for you.

No monthly fee
No monthly fee*

Your savings are your savings. There’s no monthly fee to take away from your hard earned money.





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* EMT charges apply as per usage at $1.25/transfer. 

Interest rate is per annum, calculated daily and paid monthly. Rate subject to change. Eligible deposits must be new money deposited at DUCA from a new or existing Member. Money already on deposit at DUCA in the form of a term deposit, savings/chequing account, or other investment is not an eligible deposit. The Promotion account is not accessible at an ATM and cannot be used for bill payments, or telephone banking. Eligible for a non-registered account only. When this offer ends, all funds in the Member's promotional account will automatically transfer into the regular non-promotional, non-registered Earn More Savings Account. 

If you are not a current DUCA Member but would like to join DUCA and take advantage of this offer, simply click on "Sign Up" in the upper right corner.

For current DUCA Members: Only eligible deposits made in-branch, through Member Connect, or from Online Banking qualify for the Promotional Rate. 

Eligible deposits (not in registered accounts) are insured up to $250,000 through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority. www.fsrao.ca.