Achieve more for your clients

With decades of experience, we combine expert advice with the right products to achieve more for your clients’ investment dollars or retirement needs, or both. Our products range from Investment Loans, which can boost your clients’ investment returns to complex estate planning arrangements such as Immediate Financing Arrangements.


Investment Loans

Borrowing to purchase investments can boost returns, provide possible tax advantages and allow your clients to increase their investment holdings. Competitively priced, our Investment Loans are structured for flexibility. We offer:

  • A 3:1 Loan (limited underwriting) for loans between $50,000 to $2 million. DUCA will magnify your investment injection by adding three times your injection into your investments.
What if your client wishes to borrow 100%?

Your client may be eligible to borrow some or even all of the 25% equity portion of the 3:1 Loan through another DUCA loan product. For example, DUCA’s Unsecured Personal Line of Credit.


Margin Secured Line Of Credit (MSLOC)

Using the value of your clients’ non-registered investment accounts (for onboarded Dealers) or the Cash Surrender Value of their permanent life insurance policies your clients can get access to cash flow they need. Available to personal borrowers and corporations, MSLOC can:

  • Borrow at a very competitive interest rate
  • Establish interest only credit limits, specific to their needs, with no fixed repayment term
  • Access their MSLOCs whenever required via their online DUCA accounts

If your clients own Whole Life or Universal Life insurance policies, they may be eligible for a "capitalizing interest" MSLOC.

Specialized Lending works with all the major Canadian insurance carriers.


Immediate Financing Arrangements (IFA)

If the optimal solution in your estate planning is an IFA, you need the Specialized Lending experts at DUCA. We work with all the major Canadian life insurance carriers:

  • BMO Life/AIG
  • Canada Life/Great West Life/London Life
  • Empire Life
  • Equitable Life
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Ivari/Transamerica Life
  • Manulife Financial/Standard Life
  • Sun Life
  • RBC Insurance

Business Acquisition Loans (BAL)

If you intend to grow your business by purchasing a book of clients from a retiring advisor, speak to us about a DUCA Business Acquisition Loan. DUCA BALs are amortizing term loans providing up to 75% of the value of the acquired portfolio.

Available to advisors where their Dealer has been onboarded and doing business with DUCA.


Specialized Lending Videos

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Accessing funds when you are retired


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Specialized Lending Contacts

Our Specialized Lending Team have the experience and knowledge you need to help your clients achieve more.
Randy Cutting

Vice President Sales,
Specialized Lending

Email | LinkedIn

If you’re a financial advisor who employs leveraged life insurance strategies in your practice, you’ve likely heard of Randy Cutting.  Over the course of his 27 year banking career, Randy has cultivated a depth of knowledge and experience in Specialized Lending which ranks him among the top lending experts in this field. 

Randy’s multi-disciplinary background in Credit, Underwriting, Product Development and Relationship Management makes him the ideal specialist to structure the banking side of your Immediate Financing Arrangement, establish a line of credit for your client secured by CSV or investments, or assist you in financing the purchase of a book of business from a retiring colleague.

As VP of Sales for DUCA’s Specialized Lending team, Randy helped launch the unit.  Prior to joining DUCA, Randy worked at Manulife Bank, National Trust & Scotiabank.

Trevor J. Smith

Director, Portfolio Management
Specialized Lending

Email | LinkedIn

Trevor Smith is the Director of Specialized Lending at DUCA. He received his degree from the University of Western Sydney in Australia, he has spent 12 years in Specialized Lending and has been in financial services for more than 18 years.  Trevor has his C.F.P. designation and resides in Paris, Ontario with his family.
Michelle Gervais

Senior Account Manager
Specialized Lending


Michelle Gervais is a Senior Account Manager at DUCA, with over 20 years of lending experience, with 8 years dedicated to providing excellent Specialized Lending services to her clients.  With a focus on complex problem solving, Michelle helps position clients with the right set of tools to deliver solid solutions for their customer’s financial needs.