The Community Hero Mortgage

The Community Hero Mortgage

It’s time to shed your secret identity, show you’re a community hero—and save on your mortgage. With DUCA’s Community Hero Mortgage, you’ll enjoy our lowest posted rate and you’ll be helping provide shelter for those who need it most. It’s the best of both worlds. You’ll save and we’ll give to Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area. 


  • DUCA’s lowest posted rate
  • Monthly, bi-weekly, accelerated bi-weekly, weekly, or accelerated weekly payment options
  • Up to 20% annual prepayment

Save more than the day
Help build strength, stability and independence while you save. And we’ll take care of the contributions to Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area, a nonprofit organization devoted to building ‘safe, decent and affordable’ housing for those who need it most. Learn more at

It’s more than a mortgage—it’s a mortgage you can be proud of.



The Community Hero Mortgage cannot be used as part of a Flex Mortgage. Double-up payment, Re-advance clause and Multi Mortgage option not available with this product. Available on 1st mortgages only. Contact a DUCA Mortgage Specialist for more information.