Flex Mortgage

Flex Mortgage

This customizable mortgage, with one registration cost, lets you to ‘mix and match’ up to four different components to create a mortgage that fits your needs and gives you the flexibility you need to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Build your Flex Mortgage using:

  • Variable Rate Mortgage (3-year or 5-year Terms)
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage (6-month to 7-year Terms)
  • PrimeLine Line of Credit

Whether you choose 2, 3 or 4 products, our Flex Mortgage makes it easy to customize a mortgage that works exactly like you need it to.

How it Works

Here’s an example of how a Flex Mortgage can work:

You start by choosing 2 fixed rate products of $50,000 each. One of those is a 5-year term with a fixed rate of 3.29%*. The other is a 3-year term with a fixed rate of 2.99%*. You also choose a third 1-year open term for $50,000 of your mortgage amount. In addition to these flexible terms and varying rates, you decide to add a PrimeLine Line of Credit to the mix to maximize your borrowing options for future power or access to funds without incurring additional costs. Using a Flex Mortgage in this way, you’ve customized a 4-product mortgage into one that works exactly like you need it to.

Our experienced Mobile Mortgage Specialists or Branch Advisors can help you design a solution that’s right for you.



*Rates are for illustrative purposes only. For current rates visit DUCA.com/Rates