Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit

Sometimes it’s not a loan you need but a reliable source of ‘just in case’ cash in case of emergency, occasional cash flow crunches or for overdraft protection. That’s where our PrimeLine line of credit can help. You only have to apply once and then use your DUCA Debit Card or a cheque to access your cash when you need it. Our PrimeLine line of credit features:

  • competitive rates
  • overdraft protection
  • easy access to funds
  • interest paid only on what you use

We also offer a Student Line of Credit that has all the same benefits but is designed specifically for college or university students. 

Apply online

It takes less than 10 minutes and you can apply from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop at your convenience. It’s 100% secure and you’ll hear back from us within two business days. Apply online now