Personal Account Services and Fees

Personal Account Services and Fees

Effective January 1, 2015

ATM, Online and Telephone Banking Services
DUCA or THE EXCHANGE® ATM transactions * Free
Canadian (non-DUCA ATM) Interac® cash withdrawals $2.00
International ATM cash withdrawals $5.00
US$ ATM cash withdrawals $5.00
Interac® point-of-sale transactions $0.50
Online bill payments $0.50
Online statements Free
Interac® e-Transfers® $1.25
In-Branch Services
Bill payments $0.75
Bill payment trace/recall $10.00
Cheque/EFT/Debit cleared $0.30
Transfer to cover a cheque Free
Cheque certification $10.00
Stop Payment - With complete details $10.00
Stop Payment - With partial details $15.00
Stop Payment - No funds to cover cheque $40.00
NSF cheques/EFT $40.00
Chargebacks - Third party cheque Free
Chargebacks - Own cheque $40.00
Reprocessing fee $6.00
Hold cheque/EFT min. $15.00
Processing non-encoded cheque $12.00
Duplicate statement (> 6 months) $5.00
Cheques not written in currency of acct. $12.00
Draft $7.00
Earn More Savings Account Transactions (Transfers & Withdrawals) $2.00
Wire Payment*** Starting at $10.00
US Dollar Savings/Chequing
US Draft US $7.00
Transfer to/from other account to cover cheque US $10.00
Cheque cleared US $1.50
Stop payment US $40.00
NSF cheque US $40.00
Go Euro Account
Account maintenance fee Free
Cash deposits/ withdrawals Free
Registered Plans
Transfer to another institution $50.00/ transfer
Withdrawals within 3 months of deposit (excludes TFSA) $50.00
Withdrawal from TFSA Free
RRIF payment by DUCA draft Free
Copy of receipt previously issued $10.00
Change conditions on plan $10.00
Additional Fees
Inactive account (after 2 years) $20.00/yr.
Balance transferred to other institutions $25.00
Close account within 90 days $25.00
Items received for collection 0.10%/$30.00 min.
Search of records (>6 months) Minimum 2 hours $30.00/hr. per employee
Audit confirmation (rush +$10) $30.00 min
Fax statement $10.00
Roll coins $0.50 per roll
Garnishees require to pay letter $50.00 min.
Paper statement $2.00/month
Overdraft Protection Service **
Monthly fee $2.50
Interest rate 18%
Safety Deposit Boxes
1.5” x 5” $40.00 (+ HST)
2.5” x 5” $55.00 (+ HST)
2.5” x 10” $85.00 (+ HST)
5" x 5" $85.00 (+ HST)
5” x 10” $155.00 (+ HST)
10” x 10” $250.00 (+ HST)
Replace key $50.00
Drill box at cost
Additional Foreign Currency Fees
Pensions - Receipt required $2.00
Pension - No receipt required Free
Global Cheque / Foreign Draft $10.00
Stop payment on foreign draft $25.00
Foreign currency collection items (not US$) + bank charges $5.00
Foreign deposits (Euros, Pounds Sterling) $7.00

* THE EXCHANGE® Network is a registered trademark owned by Fiserv Inc., licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership. Interac and eTransfer are Trademarks of Interac Inc. DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. is an authorized user of the Trademark.

** See Terms and Conditions.

*** Note for currencies outside of CAD/USD/GBP/EUR all fees are applied in CAD based on the CAD Equivalent and fees vary based on type of wire payment.


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