Earn More Savings Promo

Earn More Savings Promo

This high-interest savings promotion is an incredible opportunity. You’ll earn maximum interest while maintaining maximum flexibility with your savings. Interest rate of 3.25% expires December 3, 2018.*


  • Our highest posted savings interest rate
  • Daily interest paid monthly
  • No minimum deposit
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fees
  • No locked-in terms 

Note: To take advantage of this offer, new Members can apply by clicking the link below. Existing Members must visit their branch (link below) or call 1.866.900.3822 as this offer is not available through online transfers.

>> Non-Members, you can apply here.

>> DUCA Members, please contact your branch or call 1-866-900-3822


Terms and Conditions

* Interest rate expires after December 3, 2018. Rate subject to change. Only eligible deposits made in-branch or through Member Connect will qualify for the Promotional Rate of 3.25%. Online transfers and transfers by mobile phone app (Smartphone) are not possible as the EMSA Promotional account is only accessible to DUCA staff. Eligible deposits must be new money deposited with DUCA from a new or existing Member. Money already on deposit at DUCA in the form of a term deposit, savings account, or other investment is not an eligible deposit. Funds will be transferred into your regular Earn More Savings Account at the end of the Promotion period. Your statement will reflect this account activity. This EMSA Promotion is only available for non-registered accounts.