More time to make the right decision

More time to make the right decision

Nobody likes being rushed. Especially when it comes to making investments. If you’re still deciding on your retirement investments, get the tax saving you're looking for and give yourself more time and earn 2.00% for 60 days.Earn 2% for 60 Days


  • Take the pressure off of the RSP deadline and earn at a great rate while you decide
  • Available in RRSP, TFSA and RRIF plans
  • Keep earning after 60 days with our 1.2% Earn More RRSP Account

While your money’s earning interest, we’re here to help. We can take you through the many RRSP-eligible options to help find the right retirement investments for your specific circumstances.

Start by booking an appointment with a Financial Advisor, it's easy! Simply click on the link below and let us know what time works best for you.

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Check out our handy retirement calculator and find out what it will take to meet your retirement goals.

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The RRSP contribution deadline for the 2016 tax year is March 1, 2017