What We Support

What We Support

Supporting Transitions Out of Poverty

DUCA is a credit union founded by individuals who struggled to gain access to basic financial services. Today, DUCA operates in some of the most expensive communities in the country but we have not forgotten our roots. Struggling with high costs, many members of the community live in poverty, with a particularly high demographic of children, youth and new residents. Addressing this issue is a key priority for DUCA and closely tied to our roots.

Helping Good Ideas Grow

Social profit organizations must tell a powerful and credible story to compete for resources in an increasingly competitive environment. The challenge is that the resources necessary to develop the evaluation and communicate their results effectively are not readily available. At DUCA, we believe that to address long-standing social challenges, innovative solutions need an opportunity to thrive. With this in mind, we provide social profit organizations with the resources to better speak to the value of their work and create more opportunities for them to put their best ideas into action.

Fair Financial Inclusion

Many of the most vulnerable members of our communities experience difficulty gaining access to mainstream banking services. This often leads them to participating in high cost, predatory lending and cheque cashing services. These services create a vicious cycle of lending and repayment, which leaves low-income individuals in an increasingly worse financial situation. DUCA will work with community partners to support the development new models to serve this population and test innovative approaches to addressing this issue.