Supporting Local Economies

Supporting Local Economies

With 87% of our Members living within 200 miles of our head office, DUCA puts a strong emphasis on supporting the local Ontario economy. We do this, not only through our daily operation, but also though various local initiatives and policies, like our “living wage pay policy.”

Living Wage at DUCA

In the communities in which DUCA operates, the minimum wage is not sufficient to cover many of the basic expenses, particularly for families with children. We view this reality as both concerning and at odds with DUCA's guiding principle: Fairness. In 2014, DUCA became the GTA's first employer to adopt a "living wage pay policy.” This means we have adopted the living wage rate for Toronto provided by Living Wage Canada and are committed to alignment with this rate as it continues to evolve.

The living wage is the hourly rate at which a household can meet its basic needs. It ensures all teammates are able to participate in their communities and experience a reasonable quality of life. The living wage lifts working families out of poverty and strengthens the communities in which they live. 

For the broader community this creates:

  • Greater consumer spending power
  • Increased spending in local economy
  • Increased civic engagement
  • Improved health

DUCA is proud to be a leading advocate for this issue. We joined a cross-sector working group aimed at updating the wage rate to ensure it represents the realities faced by our employees and other hard-working members of our community.