Working at DUCA

A day in the life of a DUCA Teammate.

So you’ve joined the DUCA team and you can’t wait to get going. We don’t blame you. This is truly a great place to be. Even though you’ve met with some of your fellow teammates and have started getting more familiar with DUCA, you might be wondering about what it’s actually like to work here. 

In a word—GREAT! 

We take pride in creating an environment that DUCA teammates can get excited about. We’re equally proud of providing you with opportunities to grow your career, plus make a difference in your community. 

Fairness, equality and recognition. These are just a few of the words that we’ve staked DUCA’s success on. It’s also why DUCA teammates are so committed to living our brand promise of more as we continually work towards making lives better for Members, our teammates and the places we all call home.