Update on COVID-19 Actions: Keeping Members and Staff Safe
Posted on March 16, 2020

Update on COVID-19 Actions: Keeping Members and Staff Safe

Message from Doug Conick on Health & Safety

Serving our Members with Procedures to Minimize Exposure

As COVID-19 dominates the news, I am reaching out to you directly to let you know that DUCA is actively addressing the situation with a focus on the health and safety of you -- our Members, our Employees, and our Communities while minimizing service disruption. Your Credit Union continues to be strong and stable as we continue to evaluate circumstances as they develop and manage them effectively.

Serving You in a Healthy Environment

We are undergoing a number of changes that will reduce exposure while continuing to provide essential banking services. In addition to deeper cleanings and increased use of alcohol-based sanitizers in our branches, we are rolling out a number of modifications to internal procedures so as to minimize any disruption to our services should our province continue on the path of further reduced public interactions. These changes will ensure we can continue to serve your everyday banking needs while simultaneously addressing any health concerns by Members and staff.

I am proud to say that DUCA's robust infrastructure includes multiple channels which enable continuous everyday banking. In addition, our employee teams are working hard on organizational and procedural adaptations that will result in minimal disruption to the service and financial advice you've come to rely on.

We are closely monitoring the situation on a daily basis so we can continue to adapt as quickly, securely, and efficiently as possible.

Quickest Way to Bank 24/7: On-Line

Our branches and Member Connect (1.866.900.3822) are available for assistance however, if you wish to reduce your public exposure, we remind you that the quickest, most efficient, and secure method of banking is on-line or by smartphone. We direct you to this news item for details on how to bank outside of a branch. 

Have you been directly impacted by COVID-19?

If you find yourself faced by financial challenges as a direct result of COVID-19, please reach out to us by either calling your branch or 1.866.900.3822 so we can discuss how we can help you through this challenging time. We will help you find a solution tailored to your circumstances and needs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unusual times. We reiterate our promise to help you do more, be more, and achieve more with your money and your life...in good health.


Doug Conick, President & CEO