New Enhancements to DUCA's Smartphone App
Posted on July 06, 2018

New Enhancements to DUCA's Smartphone App

We are always looking at ways to improve our service and interactions with you and are pleased to announce enhancements to our phone app.

In addition to transfers, bill payments, cheque deposits, and the ability to check balances and receive security alerts, our phone app includes the following new features:

  1. Touch ID: (For iOS devices only) Many devices now allow you to use your own unique fingerprint to unlock them eliminating the need for a password. If you have an iPhone, and you set up the fingerprint identification feature to unlock your phone, you will now be able to use the same to access your DUCA accounts. The first time you use the DUCA app after it updates to the enhanced version, you’ll be prompted to choose whether or not you wish to use this secure feature.
  2. Landscape and Portrait modes: (For tablets only) If you like a wide screen view, you can choose a “Landscape” orientation when using our app on a tablet. For example, you may wish to see certain information, such as the 15-day account balance graph (visible if you enable “Quick View”), in a landscape view as opposed to the default portrait view.
  3. Message Indicator: (For Small Business Accounts)If there are any unread messages, the sum of unread messages and pending approvals is now indicated by a number on the home page’s “Messages” icon. This prompts you to click on that icon to review messages or items requiring your approval such as an email transfer.

 When will these enhancements appear?

If you’re already using our phone app, the new version will either upload automatically the next time

your phone updates or, if you disabled the “automatic update” feature on your phone, go to Google Play or the App Store, find the DUCA Mobile Banking app, and click “Update.”

Not yet using the DUCA phone app?

Make your life easier. Download DUCA’s secure Mobile Banking app at either Google Play or the App Store. Search for “DUCA Mobile Banking” and see how easy it is to access your DUCA accounts, 24/7.