Our 2019 Digital Annual Report. Plus, reflections on 66 years.
Posted on May 07, 2020

Our 2019 Digital Annual Report. Plus, reflections on 66 years.

We invite our Members and friends to review our online and visual 2019 Annual Report!  

In our 65th year of operations, we achieved some important milestones: 

  • We exceeded $4 billion in Assets.
  • Deposits reached over $3 billion.
  • Comprehensive Income after Tax grew to $12 million.
  • We passed $3.5 billion in Net Loans.

These important achievements attest to the growth and strength of your Credit Union and you may wish to explore full details in our online Annual Report.

In addition, when looking at our Annual Report, don’t forget to review the section labeled COVID-19. This area discusses DUCA’s preparedness and response to the current pandemic while ensuring essential services continue with prudent health and safety protocols and minimal disruption to our business. 

66 Years and Counting

To put DUCA’s growth trajectory into perspective, 66 years ago, on May 5, 1954, our founding Members – recent immigrants from The Netherlands who overcame the hardships of World War II to start a new life in Canada – opened the Dutch Canadian Toronto Credit Union with just 20 Members and $236 in assets! Facing the financial challenges of the new immigrant experience, they envisioned a cooperative financial institution that would support its Members. That vision still stands today and we gratefully recognize their foresight and dedication.

On a more global scale, May 5 marks Dutch Heritage Day (as declared by Canada’s Parliament), an annual day to recognize both the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers during the Liberation of The Netherlands 75 years ago as well as the contributions of Dutch immigrants to Canadian society. There is a unique and proud bond between Canada and The Netherlands and we invite you to learn more about this special relationship.

In short, 2019 was a year we can all be proud of as you’ll see in the Annual Report. And, in the spirit of strength demonstrated by our founding Members, we are poised to continue working around COVID-19 and the challenges it presents. We do so with a sense of optimism and confidence in a future economic recovery, knowing that DUCA is well-positioned to help its Members do more, be more, and achieve more for many years to come.