Why Join DUCA?

Why Join DUCA?

How can you do more, be more and achieve more with your money and your life? It starts with becoming a Member of DUCA. Here’s why:

  • our profit sharing program pays you back for your loyalty
  • we offer daily banking products that make it easy to manage your money and grow your savings
  • our investment services will help you do more with your money and our insurance services will help you save it
  • we support local businesses
  • our rates are consistently among the best in the country for mortgages, investments and high-interest savings
  • we offer online services that make it easy to become a Member, open an account, manage your finances and apply for a loan
  • we give back to our communities
  • as a Member, you get a say in who governs DUCA and are invited to participate in our Annual General Meeting

Becoming a member of DUCA is simple. You can become a DUCA member:

  • online by clicking the 'apply now' button in the top right hand of your screen
  • in any of our branches

Join the over 70,000 Members who experience the DUCA promise and get the financial support and services you need to do more, be more and achieve more with your money and your life.